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Making your money go further

Tips for older people

If you’re over 60, you may be wondering what you’re entitled to and how to make the most of your money. Here, we aim to provide you with an idea of the different discounts, benefits and services you may be eligible for.


  • Pension credits – this tops up the state pension for those on a low income to £151.20 per week if you’re single and to £230.85 for a couple
  • Winter fuel payment – this is a payment to help cover the cost of bills during cold weather
  • Cold weather payment – this is a payment of £25 for each 7 consecutive days of cold weather between November and March
  • Grants – if you have a long-term disability or health problem and are over the age of 40, you may be eligible for a grant from the St Monica Trust.

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Free and Discounted Services for the over 60s
Free Services Discounted Services
Prescriptions 25% off Specsavers glasses
Eye tests TV licence – you’re eligible for a discount if you live in residential care and are either retired and over 60 or disabled.
Bus pass – you’re eligible for a free bus pass if you were born before 5th April 1950. Train fares
Passport – you’re eligible for a free passport if you were born in September 1929 or before. Coach fares
Insulation – you can apply for this if you’re a British Gas customer over the age of 70. Haircuts – discounts are offered by many hairdressers.
TV licence – if you’re aged 75 or over. Cinema tickets – discounts aren’t always advertised, so you may need to ask in your local cinema.
Swimming – free access to over 60s is offered by many local pools. Adult education classes
Swimming – free access to over 60s is offered by many local pools.
Exercise classes – many of these are heavily discounted or free to people over 60.


Sometimes it can be difficult to find ways to meet new people and some older people find themselves socially isolated.

But there are several different places you can either go to have a chat or to find out about social groups you might be able to join.

  • Your local library – many libraries hold coffee mornings or book clubs where you can meet with new people in a peaceful environment
  • Your local community centre – these centres often hold events and meetings open to the community

There are also events, meetings and social groups advertised on the LinkAge and AgeUK websites. Some organisations, including North Bristol Advice Centre, LinkAge and BAB (Bristol Ageing Better – also on Youtube) have programs which focus on reducing isolation and loneliness among older people. We also often hold our own Pennywise workshops which are open to people of all ages.