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Health & Wellbeing

If you’re keen to boost your health and wellbeing without emptying your wallet, these resources could be just what you need!

Low Cost Gyms

Pay As U Gym

The Pay as u Gym website offers a range of gyms, where you can buy a day pass for under £4!
You’ll be given access to a variety of equipment, including weights machines, and will sometimes even be eligible for classes.

The Greenway Centre & Café

The Greenway Centre & Café in Southmead provides a community gym that’s £5 per visit, or you can purchase Bronze (£15 per month), Silver (£25 per month) or Gold membership (£30 per month). Southmead residents get an extra £5 discount on membership prices.



PureGym is a 24 hour gym located in the centre of Bristol where you can keep fit from only £14.99 per month or pay as you go from £6.99. There’s no contract so you can join or leave whenever you want. They run more than 50 free classes every week and you can book a free induction class with an instructor once you’ve joined.


Fitness4Less located next to Castle Park is a cheap and well-equipped gym which provides a wide range of classes each week. You can get involved from £15.99 per month or choose the day pass for £8.00. The Bristol branch also includes a ladies only gym.

Everyone Active

Everyone Active offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities which vary from centre to centre. Use the Everyone Active centre finder to find which one is most convenient for you. Members can take advantage of a wide range of benefits such as the free Everyone Active app or a free online induction.

Move GB

Move GB is a network that offers various activities such as dance, indoor cycling, pool, climbing and yoga at many locations. See Move GB deals to see how much you can save while keeping fit. Also check the website to find out how to get a free trial.


Freeletics is a free weight training app to use in the gym. It’s suitable for all fitness levels and allows you to customise your training based on your goals.


MapMyRun is a fitness tracking app you can use to record your workout details and get feedback and stats of your progress. It uses your phone’s GPS to track exactly where you’ve run.


YouTube makes it easy to find instructional videos and keep yourself motivated, all in your own home.

Outdoor Gyms

Outdoor gyms are becoming more and more popular, as they provide a free, accessible place to exercise.

To find your nearest outdoor gym, use this website and search for your area.


Yoga is a gentle way to exercise and helps improve core body strength. Classes can be expensive and the locations aren’t always convenient, so why not check out this basic tutorial on YouTube to get you started, and you can follow it at your own pace in home!’

There are also tutorials available for other exercises, including Tai Chi, pilates and dance.

Simply Yoga Free

Simply Yoga Free is a free app that providers your own personal yoga instructor wherever you are.

5 Minute Yoga

5 Minute Yoga is a great free app for beginners. It includes short sessions you can fit in anytime and anywhere. Each pose includes an animated illustration and instructions to make sure you’re training safely.

Couch to 5km

The Couch to 5km running plan is designed for people who are complete beginners to running. If you’re a complete beginner there are plenty of guides online with advice on what to wear, how to warm up and cool down, posture tips, what to eat and drink and how to budget your time so you can make running a regular part of your day.

Walking and Running Groups

Walking and running are becoming more popular as pastimes and a number of groups have been developed to combine healthy exercise with socialising.
These groups include:

  • Bristol Ramblers – They have about 800 members and are part of the Ramblers, a Bristol charity.
  • The Brunel Walking Group – A group specifically aimed at 20-30 year olds who organise walks in the Bristol and Bath areas over the weekend.
  • Southville Running Club – This club meets every day at 6:15pm and charges 50p per run to cover the cost of facilities at the Southbank Club.
  • Bristol West Athletic Club – They organise a variety of running groups on different days of the week, so you’ll be sure to find something to suit your needs.

There are also a number of running trails that have been marked out based on length.


Cycling is good aerobic exercise and a way to get out of your house and see the sights of Bristol for free.
There are cycling trails you can follow, based on length, or you could try joining one of the cycling groups Bristol has to offer. Bristol Cycle Festival has all the cycling groups in Bristol listed!

Dog Walking

If you love dogs, volunteer dog walking is a great way to improve your fitness and make a rescue dog’s day.
The RSPCA Cat and Dog Home in Totterdown holds inductions every week on Wednesday and provides dog walking routes.

For more ideas on how to improve your health and wellbeing, see our sports page!


Hamilton House Clinic
Hamilton House provides a range of affordable therapies, including massage, counselling and
hypnotherapy, with a ‘Low Cost Wednesdays’ clinic available.

Bristol College of Massage & Bodywork
The Bristol College of Massage & Bodywork offers student and graduate massage clinics for
affordable prices, including student practice sessions for just £10.



Headspace is a free app that offers a course of guided meditation. This can help you to improve your focus, train your mind and reduce stress and anxiety.

The Mindfulness Project

The Mindfulness Project blog, is a space dedicated to teach meditation and mindfulness techniques. They also offer workshops, seminars and events to suit all levels.

You can check more blogs on mindfulness and personal growth here.

Mental Health

1 in 4 people now suffer from a mental illness, such as anxiety or depression, and many don’t feel they have the support they need.

The link between mental health issues and money troubles has been studied a great deal, and a new charity called Money and Mental Health has been set up by money expert Martin Lewis. The charity has found that many people regret how much they spend online when they’re feeling down, and have developed a free Shopper Stopper tool to help with self-control during difficult times. This tool limits your access to online shops during certain times and might help you control your spending.

For general advice on mental health support available in Bristol, check out our mental health flyer.