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Making your money go further


When you’re buying new furniture, or when your furniture is in need of repairs, it can be a real financial struggle. Buying second-hand is one way of saving, as is upcycling furniture or clothes you no longer use into items you need.

Here’s a map of some of the most affordable second-hand furniture shops in Bristol to help you find the best place for you.

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There are many other ways you can save money on your furniture, especially if you don’t mind putting in some time and effort. Here’s a list we’ve put together to help you avoid spending more than you can afford.

  • Set a budget. It can be easy to overspend, especially if you’re looking at very reasonably priced items. However, make sure you need it before you buy, or you’ll end up with lots of clutter around your house and little money left over. It can also be a good idea to write down exactly what you need to buy to stay focused.
  • Buy second-hand. We’ve already mentioned that buying second-hand is a lot cheaper than buying new and there are so many places to do it! Check out your local stores, jumble sales and charity shops to see what’s available, but remember that it’s important to thoroughly check the furniture for any damage or faults before you buy, including woodworm in wooden furniture.
  • Upcycle. Upcycling is the process of giving your belongings new life. You might just need to give an old wardrobe a sanding down and a lick of paint, or you could turn old jumpers into a rug. Our Upcycling booklet is filled with ideas!
  • Shop around. Many stores have their own websites these days and that makes it easier to compare prices between them. You can also look on websites such as eBay or Gumtree for more affordable furniture.
  • Collect free goods locally. Ads for furniture that’s being given away for free can be found on websites such as Freecycle, or you can look for free to collector items in your local area in Trade-it, or any other papers that list items for sale.
  • Check out the clearance area. Most furniture stores will have a clearance area for end of line or slightly damages goods. It’s worth taking a look at the furniture being sold there, as some of it might just be slightly scratched.
  • Use free samples or paint-alternatives. Before buying paint, have a look around for free paint testers. Dulux offer free samples here. Or, instead of painting furniture, you can decoupage it using glue and your choice of magazine and newspaper pages, or even napkins! Here’s a tutorial on how to go about using decoupage.


We’ve already recommended our Upcycling booklet to help you give your belongings new life, but here are a few websites and videos that you can also use.


There are plenty of websites and blogs out there with upcycling tips and advice.

Upcycle That have a whole catalogue of how to upcycle furniture, including a range of décor such as mirrors, lampshades, storage boxes and many more. The guides are organised based on either what you want to make, or the materials you have available for use.

My Family Club provide a range of cheap and easy upcycling ideas for your home, including a jewellery stand and cereal box magazine holder. All of these are designed so you can make them on a budget!


There are a huge variety of upcycling ‘how to’ and tutorials available on youtube. Searching for ‘how to upcycle furniture’ is a good place to start!

The Upcyclers post videos showing you how to make bottles into lamps, or gloves into wallets. They also feature stories of people who’ve completed outstanding upcycling projects.

This Upcycling Playlist offers a wide variety of upcycling ideas, from bigger or more complex projects to smaller, easier ones.

Online Furniture



Freecycle is a movement focusing on giving and getting goods for free, so you can list items you want to get rid of, rather than throwing them away, and search for items you need.

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Gumtree allows you to buy and sell furniture and other items for free and also has a free to collect category.

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Preloved offers the chance to search for bargain second hand furniture and appliances in your area from over 500 categories. You can also use the website to sell your unwanted items.

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