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Making your money go further


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We take our position as part of the Bristol community seriously and hold regular workshops, covering a wide variety of topics to help anyone and everyone who’s interested!
Below are just a few of what we offer.

Our budgeting workshops will help you begin to work out what kind of budget suits you. We use a combination of fun budgeting games, straightforward handouts and other resources to provide you with all the information you’ll need to take control of your money.
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into work posterInto Work
Moving into work isn’t always simple, but in our Into Work workshops, we’ll explain the process as straight-forwardly as possible. We’ll cover which benefits you can and can’t claim, how to budget with your new income, the help available to cover short term costs of things like commuting, and much more.

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cookery workshop1Cookery
It can be deceptively easy to spend a lot on food, especially if you buy pre-prepared meals. In these workshops, we’ll provide you with simple recipes and cookery demonstrations to show you that cooking cheap and nutritious meals that taste good isn’t as difficult as you think.

These are only some of the many workshops we do. See our Calendar for more.


We take part in events annually and this year was no different.

On January 18th, the day known as Blue Monday, we were in the Galleries Shopping Centre, Broadmead, along with over 40 other Bristol organisations – all providing free, confidential advice!
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