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The Pennywise Project ran in Bristol between 2013 and 2017, delivering budgeting advice to Bristol residents. Originally funded by Places for People and the Big Lottery Fund, the project extended its initial delivery period thanks to funding from Bristol City Council and Bristol Water.

The project worked work with clients aged 26 or over to give them the tools and the confidence to make their money work better, ensuring all groups across Bristol could access budgeting support by working closely with fellow Improving Financial Confidence project Cash Pointers, who focused on customers aged 25 or below. To see some of the results of the project’s work, check out our case studies.

Our money mentors saw clients in their home or local area, and worked with them to increase their income and lower their expenditure. Clients exited the project with practical skills and tools, and increased confidence that they were in control of their day to day finances and more able to manage through a crisis.

The project Community Engagement Officer worked with local organisations including the Council, Children’s Centres and community groups to deliver innovative workshops designed to encourage client engagement. Themes included:

  • Saving money in practical ways by cooking from scratch or upcycling furniture
  • Giving new tenants skills to cope with the pressures of balancing rent payments and bills
  • Giving existing groups practical information about managing water bills, saving energy and making savings online

Delivery of the project was supported by a small office team made up of the Project Co-ordinator, Project Administrator & Communications Officer and Client Engagement & Administrative Assistant. Our background work was supported by a fantastic team of volunteers whose work allowed the project to reach as many clients as possible.

Pennywise was led by Places for People, and worked in partnership with other social housing providers and advice agencies who provided guidance on the delivery and direction of the project. Our advice partners included:

Our social landlord partners included:


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